Renee Melby

Hello & Welcome,

I'm excited that you found me in this sea of information we call the worldwide web and am honored to be the one to personally introduce you to the It Works products or It Works business opportunity. Allow me to take a few moments of your time to tell you just a little about me.

I owned an award-winning event center for 10 years, Visions Events & Beyond along with 4 other prosperous businesses and because of It Works retired early!! My clients became a part of my family; and now, again because of It Works; I have met so many amazing people and that family has been extended even further across the globe.

I understand personal thoughts and feelings of self-worth, looking and feeling great and I also understand not having enough money to truly live the life that you dream of living. I remember a time of being so broke I could only afford to eat off the dollar menu. I worked hard for so long just to get ahead and after spending many years of my life working two jobs and losing valuable time with my family, opened my own business thinking that was a better way. I was wrong. Talk about not having any time...

I love being an It Works Distributor. I never thought in a million years that I would even consider doing something like this! I didn't believe in a business model like this at all. I had learned over the years that being a dreamer didn't pay the bills. I was wrong!

I thought that I would have to hold home parties; with It Works I don’t! I thought I would have to stock products, I don’t. I thought I would have to make deliveries, I don’t. I thought I would have to spend more money than I make; I don’t. Everything I thought It Works was, it isn't! 

Owning my own It Works product based business has allowed me the opportunity to work from home, choose my own hours and dictate the time and effort I want to put into my business based on my own schedule. It’s all online and it cost me $20.00 a month, that's it! I love and use the products so of course I have to pay for those but I am in complete control of every dollar I spend. I am also in complete control of my success. 

I don't have to miss out on life any longer. I take my business with me everywhere I go.  The chains have been broken!  I can dream and I can dream BIG! 

I feel so empowered by this business model and I give that gift of empowerment to other men and women just like me. I teach moms, dads, and college students how these products and this business truly can change the outcome of your life. I love to help people finally get a win! 

So let’s talk about you. What brought you here?

v  Did you just want to do a little research on these amazing natural      products?

v  Are you searching for a way to earn the extra money for your family?

v  Are you on the clock now, wishing you could earn a paycheck while building sandcastles?


Whatever the reason, feel free to connect with me; Find me on Facebook at  or email me at:


Warmest Wishes, 

 Renée Melby

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